ShareFile ™ by Citrix

Download farm & tax worksheets here. This link will take you to ShareFile, where you can download LBB worksheets for the 2023 tax season. Click on the worksheet you want in order to preview it, and then click the blue button to download it to your computer.

What is ShareFile?

ShareFile is a secure file sharing and transfer service. It allows clients to share files and documents with us, and we with them, using bank-level security. ShareFile is owned by Citrix Systems.

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E-mails do not provide internal security, and most providers limit the size of attachments. By utilizing ShareFile, we are able to send and receive encrypted documents or files of virtually any size. Even backups of your QuickBooks ™ files can be sent to us.

Documents or files you send to us utilizing ShareFile are encrypted before they leave your computer. We are notified when you’ve sent us something, and we’re able to pick it up from ShareFile. If you ask us to send you sensitive documents, you’ll get an e-mail notifying you the documents are ready to be picked up.

There are some pretty heady things going on in the background to keep your information secure, but the interface you’ll see is as easy pie! We just need your name and e-mail address to know who’s who. For some items, a password (which we’ll separately provide) is required.

Do you want to ask a question or send us information in a secure format? In order to communicate with us securely using this service, you must actually send a file. So, create and save a document, spreadsheet, or pdf file and click this link to log-in to our ShareFile Portal.