New internet provider

We’ve always believed in ‘keeping it local’ whenever possible. We’re in the process of moving our internet service to Southwest Iowa Fiber Technology in the very near future. In preparation for that change, our website and email addresses have been updated. Depending on how long you’ve visited our website or sent email to us, you may not notice any change at all. Our web address is, and our email addresses all end in If you’ve bookmarked our website or put us in your address book in the past, you might need to update. Or, you might not.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition to this new service!

One thought on “New internet provider

  1. We’ve utilized SWIFT services for our internet and telephone provider for awhile now, and we’re very pleased with the service. The phone service is crystal clear and reliable, and the internet service is lightning-fast with no down time!

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