Please send a copy of my tax returns to…

Sometimes you would like a copy of your tax return sent to your bank, insurance agent, or other third party. We provide you a copy of your tax returns when we prepare them, and you may share that information with anyone you wish. If you want us to provide a copy of your tax return to a third party, we are required by law to have your written permission. We charge a fee for this service.

You can click here or click the image below to open a fill-in pdf file on your computer that will provide us with that written permission. (This works best with the free Adobe Reader.1) Use the Tab key to move between the four required fields. Please send the completed and signed form to us, and include instructions to whom the copies should be delivered. We can send your forms securely via the internet, or by mail.

1Computers and browsers can behave differently. You may need to download the pdf file to complete it and send it to us.